Recycling and eCycling

Recycling is Not New.

We have known for years about the value of recycling. As a kid I would save aluminum cans to make a few extra dollars. Now this didn’t exactly make my parents happy as I would accumulate bag after bag of old stale smelling beer and pop cans but it wasn’t a bad little job for a 10-year-old.

But We Do Recycle.

Many households participate in recycling to some extent. They place their papers, cans and bottles is whichever container they have and place them at the curb. However, what about recycling our electronics?


Unused and outdated electronic products lead to what is called “e-waste” or electronic waste. These products can amount to 70% of the heavy metals present in landfills and up to 40% of the lead. The problem with reducing e-waste and other materials is the individual effort needed to recycle them. For example, it is easier to throw out your styrofoam “packing peanuts” from your latest shipping arrival than it is to recycle them. Although, every UPS Store will accept these items and locations can be found via the Plastic Loose Fill Council (PLFC). The problem is then setting these materials aside until your next errand run.

Can’t It Be Easier?

It is easier, BrandsMart USA just announced a new program called CExchange. You determine the value of your old electronics on their website, print out a prepaid shipping label and mail them in. BrandsMart USA, verifies your products and then sends you a gift card to one of their stores. Wow, now that’s easy.

Are There Other Options?

Sure. Check out the EPA eCycling Home Page. There you will find a list of organizations and options for eCycling. There are links for finding green electronics, for finding local electronic recycling programs, and there are options to donate your equipment to help non-profit organizations and schools.

Well, if you haven’t guessed it

we are now to our next Eco Rule:

Eco Rule #2 = Recycle

or at least recycle on Thursdays.

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