Introduction to Eco Rules

I didn’t really plan on starting my posts today but since today is Thursday I can’t find a more perfect day to launch this site. I hope everyone can get something out of this site or at least get as much enjoyment reading it as I am going to get writing the posts.

Green Living  has been defined as a lifestyle intended to ensure that one’s impact on the enviroment is as minimal (or as positive) as possible.

What this site will focus on is the “as possible” aspect. As individuals we are each going to have our own tolerances and thresholds to what is possible. While some may chose to buy all local produce, never travel further than they can walk, use cloth diapers for their children and maintain a vegan diet, this is not going to be possible for everyone. Others may choose to add renewable energy sources to their homes while other are not going to be able to afford those improvements. However, it should be everyone’s responsibility to start taking steps to become more enviromentally friendly, even if it is baby steps. Every step in the direction of lessening our enviromental impact is a step in the right direction. While our individual steps may seem small the impact will be collectively large as more and more people join the Green Movement. When we start making these steps we need to be sure that the actions we are going to take are sustainable during our everyday lives. We need to sustain our green steps; adding them and linking them together.

This site will help serve as a beginning or basic green living guide for those interested in learning to go green. We will feature:

  • Green Living Ideas
  • Green Living Products
  • and Green Living Rules otherwise know as the Eco Rules.

Without further introductions we will introduce our first Eco Rule:

Eco Rule #1 = TURN IT OFF

I really don’t think this first rule needs a lot of explanation. Perhaps the biggest ongoing theme in reducing our impact on our planet is to reduce our energy needs. We will go into further details later but if you’re not using something turn it off. Taking little actions like turning off the closet light, turning off the sink when you’re brushing your teeth and turning off the A/C or heat on nice days will make a difference.

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