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What Does Earth Day 2008 Mean To You

April 22nd, Earth Day 2008 is quickly approaching. It is hard to believe that Earth Day is turning 38 years-old. I remember hearing about Earth Day as a kid and having my own short-sided impressions of it. I imagined people all across the United States chaining themselves to trees and not showering. Well, as a […]

Recycling and eCycling

Recycling is Not New. We have known for years about the value of recycling. As a kid I would save aluminum cans to make a few extra dollars. Now this didn’t exactly make my parents happy as I would accumulate bag after bag of old stale smelling beer and pop cans but it wasn’t a […]

The Difference With One Light

Earth Hour 2008 came and went last Saturday. I still haven’t seen any reports about the reduction of energy usage from the event but I look forward to reading about it. After Earth Hour I began thinking more about my own electric usage. I decided to go to Florida Power & Light (FPL) to see […]